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🎞 Lin Wood Reiterates “Trump is STILL Your President!”

Lin Wood, a former attorney for ex-president Donald Trump, at the Health and Freedom Conference imposed allegations on some renowned politicians and Hollywood figures that they worship satan. He stated that Q is the truth, and Presidents from Bush to Biden are all involved in sex trafficking.

Wood added, “Q does not like the Illuminati. Q does not like satanic worship” and urged people to “take the fire and the fearlessness of God almighty and save the little children. That's God's will for this country.”

Lin Wood also claimed that “Donald Trump is still the President of the United States of America,” whereas critics on social media labeled Wood and other speakers as “insurrection supporters.”

According to the DoD Law of War Manual, section 11.3 deals with the end of occupation and duration of GC obligations. It says, “the status of belligerent occupation ends when the conditions for its application are no longer met. Certain GC obligations with respect to occupied territory continue for the duration of the occupation after the general close of military operations.”

Click on the video below to know more about why 11.3 keeps coming up in the Q World.



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