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🎥 UK’s Version of Fraud Fauci Announces THIRD 💉Shot Needed... WAKE UP AMERICA! 🇺🇸

🎥 Spring is barely a week old and UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock is already talking of a third vaccine shot that will be needed in the autumn!

Even the fake news sheeple conducting the interview are baffled by this one.

Do you not see striking similarities in the vague answers and moving targets given by this Deep State puppet and DC’s own resident fraud “Dr.” Fauci??

How many more “experts” need to dangle our freedoms on a never ending stick before we the people start exercising some basic independent critical thinking?

How many more needles will we let them stick in our arms before we begin to admit this is all one....giant.... hoax?!?!?

Wake up America!!!!!


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