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MIND GAMES: War in Ukraine designed to distract people away from COVID plandemic and vaccine deaths

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

March 6, 2022

It is interesting that right as the powers that be are closing the mask and lockdown chapter of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic, in comes the Russia-Ukraine conflict right on cue.

Now that most people in the West are “fully vaccinated” with Fauci Flu shots, and now that the health damage is really starting to manifest, in comes Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, prompting a global outrage campaign that is shifting all eyes away from Big Pharma.

But everyone’s eyes should be on Big Pharma right now, and on the people who push their experimental wares on everyone in the name of fighting a “virus.” Children everywhere are dropping dead from these things, and the media is not so much making a fuss about it.

The COVID Blog does, though. In fact, this real news outlet is making waves as it dissects the new war chapter of the plandemic and its purpose.

“The entire world is a stage,” said the editors of the COVID Blog.

“That’s a scary thought to digest. But think about it. War is known as ‘theater’ in the history books and dictionaries. Television shows are called ‘programs.’ Most laws in the United States are called ‘acts.'”

What if the Russia-Ukraine conflict is an engineered event to cover for COVID vaxx injuries and usher in a new world order?

Much of what is being reported about Ukraine right now is completely fake, it turns out. Imagery, videos, alleged “on-the-ground” reports: a lot of it is propaganda designed both to mislead and to distract.

What the powers-that-be do not want you focusing on is the sheer number of death, particularly among young people, that is occurring thanks to the experimental injections.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is real. People young and old dying suddenly from mRNA and viral vector DNA injections are real. Mainstream media propaganda and manipulation are real,” the COVID Blog reported.

“The latter’s objective is to normalize and bury these mass deaths due to the injections. Further, mainstream media are now starting to report on something we first wrote about last month – that Moderna owns the patent for SARS-CoV-2. War is the only way to fully deflect and distract from truth.”

While it is certainly a tragic situation to think that people are dying in Ukraine and elsewhere, the fact of the matter is that far more people have been dying from the “safe and effective” injections that our own government has been forcing on people for over a year.

Do not let yourself be deceived by this latest propaganda campaign. Stay vigilant and keep doing your homework. Keep encouraging your unvaccinated friends and family members to stay that way at all costs.

We now know that the messenger RNA (mRNA) injections from Pfizer (and probably Moderna as well) enter the liver and permanently reprogram human DNA. We were all told that this was impossible, but here we are. And now the Russia-Ukraine conflict has entered stage left-right as things are reaching a head? Suspicious, eh?

“What’s happening in Ukraine is the old-fashioned way for the powers-that-be to kill and manipulate people in mass,” the COVID Blog warned.

“Pfizer, Moderna, etc. are the new kids on the block, killing the masses slowly, quietly and voluntarily. What’s happening in Ukraine has been happening for 100 years with all the ‘Soviet Union’ jousting.

Prayers for everyone in the world with all that’s happening. But you might want to pray specifically for your vaxxed family, friends and neighbors as they could be next.”

More of the latest news about the global COVID “vaccine” holocaust can be found at

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