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mRNA Inventor: Stop Relying On Junk Science To Drive COVID-19 Policy: Dr Robert Malone

The coronavirus conflict doesn’t seem to resolve any sooner.

Dr Robert Malone, on Saturday, lashed out on public health officials for relying on junk science to make policy decisions for coronavirus. He said, “We gotta get back to evidence-based medical science. It’s quite clear from the CDC’s own slide deck if you have a reproductive coefficient like chickenpox…. our current vaccines plus rigorous masking will not stop this virus from spreading.”

Malone said this in an episode of War room: Pandemic while referencing a CDC study that claimed: “75% of people in Massachusetts infected by the delta variant were vaccinated.” He further added that “The fundamental rules of clinic ethics have been thrown out the door” and the government’s response is “driving the virus to evade vaccines.”

He further insisted that in the future, studies will reveal that a number of people died due to the government's sheer focus on vaccines.


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