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🎙 Must-Listen Podcast: Stew Peters - Mayo Clinic Doctor Wishes Suffocation Death on Trump Voters

September 1, 2021

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Lee Merritt to discuss a Mayo Clinic Cardiac ICU Director who wishes death on Trump voters, publicly posting her feelings on Facebook for the world to see.

Benjamin Burlew is an Afghanistan-deployed veteran who was arrested by the FBI for being present at the Capitol on January 6. When agents came to arrest him, they assaulted and slapped his wife, took his guns and embarrassed him before throwing him in solitary confinement. Burlew came forward for the first time in this interview with Stew.

Drew Berquist, host of "This is My Show", has been deployed to Afghanistan over 30 times for counterterrorism operations. He joins Stew with new information that the Taliban offered Kabul to the U.S., but Biden refused.

Jan Morgan is running for U.S. Senate, and she BLASTS Senator John Boozman, who openly blames President Trump for the Jan 6 Nancy Pelosi set-up charade that has led to the arrest of hundreds of innocent law-abiding citizens.

DeAnna Lorraine has found the Bill Gates patent that will use Blockchain technology to track your 'vaccination' status.



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