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🎥 NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Delivers Epic Inspirational Address: CPAC 2022 Dallas

August 9, 2022

This man is a National treasure.

Lt Governor Robinson’s speech is just another reminder that I am a part of something that is far bigger than anything I could have ever imagined in two lifetimes.

As my days have been consumed by this movement , there have been many dark times. But I’m able to fight through the adversity by focusing on the incredible growth that we have all achieved through collaboration and knowledge.

There truly is no going back once you have been awakened. You become empowered with a burning desire to continue learning. And the true beauty of this movement is that I am surrounded by heroes every day. Many of these heroes I will never know by anything more than a screen name.

By taking the path into this movement, I have learned what real heroes are. They don’t wear sports uniforms, walk red carpets or perform in concerts. True heroes are ordinary Americans who have the inspiration, courage, drive and love of Country to stand up and become extraordinary. Patriots, like Mark Robinson, who can deliver a speech that inspires every fabric of my being, using no notes or teleprompter. There’s no greater evidence of truth, courage and conviction than words delivered from the heart.

In a time of incredible struggle and uncertainty, I feel blessed and honored to bear witness to the greatness of the Patriots who are fighting to save our Country.

May God Bless Them All and May God Bless The United States of America 🇺🇸



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