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Nothing to See Here 📷 The Headlines They Don't Want You To See

Notice the ever growing number of Government officials and CEO's that have died, resigned or been fired recently?

All rather suddenly?

2019 marked the highest rate of corporate turnover in recorded history.

In 2020 the numbers were even higher. But no one is talking about it???

Just last week Amazon's Jeff Bezos and CNN's Jeff Zucker unexpectedly resigned.

Already in 2021, CEO's at, Wikipedia, The United Way, Momentus Space, The Walt Disney Company, Myanmar Central Bank, Samsung, Parler, Voice of America, KPMG, NAMI Maine, Crown Resorts, Magna Canada, Eli Lilly, United Supermarkets, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Sacramento County, Robin Hood Investments, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, The Lincoln Project, Central Health, ABC News, Apollo Global Management, and Intel - and that's not even close to the full list!

We have also been seeing more news about human trafficking rings being discovered across the globe.

How does this relate? Simply search (not on Google!) for "CEO+ Pedophile" - the results are shocking.

We have established the mainstream media lies. They manipulate. They are controlled by foreign interests and global elites. If you see it on basic cable, Google or at a newsstand, it is not unbiased news. The game now is to pay attention to the news that the mainstream media is NOT covering. Then ask “why?”

The mainstream media cartel is too busy brainwashing Americans into wearing muzzles to cover anything that could jeopardize their global gravy train.

So we will.

Take a closer look at what's happened around in the world since last week. It’s quite the list.

Ask yourself why no one is talking about any of this. Then rethink where you get your news from. It matters.

Just Since February 10th:


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