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NYC Students Hold Pfizer, Moderna Signs Performing “If You’re Not Vaxxed You’re No Friend of Mine"

February 7, 2022

Students participating in a holiday show at a middle school in New York held up signs promoting vaccine manufacturers, while singing a parody song encouraging the segregation of unvaccinated students.

The event was exposed on Twitter by mom Antigone Michaelides, who posted a photo of the children performing on stage, adding the students sang a spoof of the 80s synth-pop hit “Safety Dance” with altered pro-vaccine lyrics.

“My son’s middle school holiday show featured a song where the kids, holding ‘Pfizer’ and ‘Moderna’ signs, were singing ‘if you’re not vaxxed you’re no friend of mine’ to the tune of ‘Safety Dance,’” Michaelides tweeted.

“1 in 5 kids at that school are unvaxxed,” the mom added, highlighting how the song promotes the exclusion of several fellow students.

The lyrics of Men Without Hats’ “Safety Dance”:

We can dance if we want to We can leave your friends behind ‘Cause your friends don’t dance And if they don’t dance Well, they’re no friends of mine

Responding to a commenter who asked whether the incident sparked community outrage, the mom replied that most in the audience that night were pro-vax and applauded the parody.

“We had to show a vax card and ID to get in, so the indoctrinated audience, with a handful, maybe, of exceptions, was clapping along. The school figured they were preaching to the choir. I know parents who were not allowed in bc they’re not vaxxed,” Michaelides wrote.

It’s unclear when the event took place, or at which Manhattan school, though Michaelides did caption the photo “Upper West Side Story.”

In a follow-up, she added she’s part of a group in New York formed to protect children from vaccine and mask mandates named, “Parents Protecting Childhood.”

“It’s an uphill battle in NY but we’re here for it,” the mom said.

The event illustrates the depths state-funded schools are going to to indoctrinate children into blindly trusting the government and its appalling partnership with Big Pharma.

SOURCE: InfoWars

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