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🎥 Of All People, Noam Chomsky Says Trump is Only Western Statesman Pushing to End War in Ukraine

May, 2022

by Paul Joseph Watson | Summit.News

Leftist intellectual Noam Chomsky asserted during a recent interview that there is only “one western statesman of stature” pushing to end the war in Ukraine – Donald Trump.

The professor of linguistics made the remarks in a recent interview, a clip of which was posted to Twitter by journalist Glenn Greenwald.

“Well there is, fortunately, one statesman in the United States and Europe…who has made a very sensible statement about how you can solve the crisis, namely by facilitating negotiations instead of undermining them and moving towards establishing some kind of accommodation in Europe,” said Chomsky.

The author went on to describe a plan first introduced by George H.W. Bush – Partnership for Peace – which would guarantee that NATO would not expand further eastwards and “move towards a world with no military alliances.”

Chomsky that the only prominent person advocating a “move towards negotiations and diplomacy instead of escalating the war” was “Donald J. Trump.”

This is not the first time a top leftist has cited Trump as someone whose policies would have stopped a war in the first place or brought it to a swift end.

As we highlighted last month, Marie Yovanovitch, the former US Ambassador to Ukraine, admitted there would have been no war had Trump remained in power, but that this was a bad thing.

“I think that Trump would have provided Putin with enough of what he wanted that perhaps he wouldn’t have invaded,” said Yovanovitch.

A Washington Post article published last month admitted that prominent individuals within NATO want to extend the conflict for as long as possible

As we reported earlier today, Trump dropped another hint that he is planning to run again in 2024 during a ‘Save America’ rally in Greenwood, Nebraska.



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