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Olympic TV Ratings Are So Incredibly Bad, NBC Had to Air Commercials “Free of Charge”

For the first time in US history, I think WOKE Corporate America might finally be getting the "hint"

How many times have we warned the corporate elites and sports teams, that if they get “woke,” they will indeed to broke?

I mean, it’s been a non-stop outcry from consumers and fans for years now.

Yet, even so, these narcissistic companies and selfish “activist athletes” just keep pushing their progressive agenda down everyone’s gullets.

It’s like they think if they just keep shoving, eventually, we’ll give in and raise our BLM fist, while taking a knee in our living rooms.

Give me a break.

And as you know, that “anti-American/pro-BLM” vibe made its way to the Olympics this year – and that Marxist energy was such a huge turn-off, that Americans tuned out of the Olympics in droves.

But how bad was it?

Well, bad enough that NBC had to start airing advertisers commercials for FREE.

Ha ha ha.

Western Journal reported that if you go woke, you will indeed go broke.

In this case, NBC was the middleman in an Olympics where many of the athletes were less than thrilled to be representing the United States.

On July 26, for example, there were only 14.7 million people watching primetime coverage — a 49 percent drop from the 2016 Olympics and a 53 percent decline from the 2012 Olympics, Fox News reported.

These ratings are so poor that the network began re-airing commercials for advertisers at no additional charge.

The Monmouth University Polling Institute released a poll showing that 43 percent of Americans did not have much interest in watching the games whatsoever.

Patrick Murray of the polling institute told Fox News that the reason might have been the politicization of the games by some athletes.

“The Olympic spirit is a bit dampened this year,” he said.

Gee, ya think?

But it’s not just the Olympics. These same types of spoiled, entitled, clueless progressive “activist athletes” have ruined all sports.

Just look at the ratings for the NBA and NFL.

People are sick of the politics and social justice BS in sports, and since the athletes and team owners don’t listen to us, and keep ramming that junk down our throats, we’ll just stop watching.

Good riddance.



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