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One Question Could End the Biden Regime, If We Had A Free & Fair Press

July 2, 2022

You know what, let’s go ahead and entertain the idea that Joe is right, that soaring high gas prices and economic depression are due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, and not due to the Biden admin’s failure. But NOBODY wants to address WHY Russia moved into Ukraine in the first place.

According to Russia, it’s because JOE AND HUNTER BIDEN set up a massive black-site biological network in Ukraine. Nobody wants to admit that the reason Russia is in Ukraine, is largely due to Joe Biden and the ruling families of the DNC, allegedly creating biological weapons in Ukraine.

So even if gas prices are rising due to Russia, the whole reason we are in this mess in the first place, is because of Joe Biden and the Dems doing shady shit in Ukraine. No matter how you slice it, this is still Joe Biden’s fault.

If they allowed actual journalists into the White House press corps or on television, Joe Biden wouldn’t have lasted a week in office. I could generate articles of impeachment from asking Joe Biden ONE question.

“Hey Joe, gas prices might be rising due to conflict with Russia, but what do you think caused this conflict in Ukraine in the first place? Because Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, and Gabon, via the UN, all seem to think it’s because you and your son created and facilitated a biological network in Ukraine. Russia also accused you of crimes against humanity and violating the BWC and Nuremberg Code. What is your response to these allegations?”

At the UN Security Council, countries representing 3.2 Billion people accused Joe Biden of creating biological weapons in Ukraine. And I’d say less than 1% of Americans know these allegations even exist.

Where are the journalists who are supposed to be holding the administration accountable? Trump gets two scoops of ice cream and they launch a full scale investigation, but Joe Biden gets accused of creating biological weapons and none of them bat an eye.

We need lift the veil and get these allegations into the mainstream. Either a mainstream American “journalist” needs to step up, or someone needs to hand over their press pass and let me show you how it’s done.



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