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Putin Has Moral Imperative to Neutralize Ukraine Bio-Weapons Systems NATO Used to Threaten Russia

May 1, 2022

You will be hard-pressed to find what you are about to read anywhere in the establishment Western media, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had to be done in order to stop the world’s bioterrorists from continuing to wage war on humanity from proxy locations throughout the Eastern European country, point out analysts from State of the Nation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly had no choice, morally speaking, other than to engage “Operation Azovstal,” a “special military operation” that aims to protect not only Russia but the innocent people of Ukraine, not to mention all other sovereign countries, from the clutches of the global biowar against humanity that was being pursued in illegal Ukrainian labs. And leading this biowar, perhaps unsurprisingly, are the United States and NATO.

“Russia was forced to launch its ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine to terminate the raging biowar waged by the US-UK-NATO-UKRAINE bioterrorist group – from its secret underground operational headquarters located at the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol, Ukraine – against the people of Donbass and western Russia,” reports State of the Nation.

In other words, the bad guy in all this is not Russia, as the Western media and government structures claim. It is the United States and the Pentagon, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Volodymyr Zelenskyy. These bioterrorist monsters have been cooking up bioweapons under the cover of darkness throughout Ukraine, and are now being exposed by Russia’s military operations.

“To date, the Russian military has shut down 30 plus bioweapon laboratories across the Ukraine,” State of the Nation adds. “However, the main bioweapon lab being systematically used to carry out future bioterrorist operations in Donbass and western Russia is strategically located in Mariupol at the massive Azovstal complex.”

Ukraine is exploiting innocent citizens as “human shields”

Mariupol, it just so happens, is located about 40 miles from the Russian border. This is why Azovstal was selected to house one of the largest bioweapons laboratories in the world: because not only is it located right in Donbass, but Azovstal is also the closest biolab from which to launch bio-attacks against Russia. (Related: We now have proof showing that the Pentagon was, in fact, planning to use Ukrainian biolabs to attack Russia.)

Russia has reportedly been trying to protect the innocent human life that Ukraine and its Western allies are now using a human shields to try to stop Russia from putting an end to the biolabs operations. “This is why Russia is so determined not to blow up Avozstal or even neutralize the 1000 plus Azov Nazis holed up there behind human shields – innocent Ukrainian citizens,” State of the Nation further explains.

“The women and children, in particular, were likely forced into the sprawling Azovstal plant as a defensive stratagem against an all-out Russian attack. But it’s the US and NATO military leaders, Western intel agents, AFU officers and Ukraine soldiers skulked in Azovstal that Russia really wants and is willing to protect, especially those who are privy to the bioterrorist operations.”

Putin has known for a while now exactly what these Azovstal biolabs were doing under the cover of darkness. He has been trying to preserve as much evidence as possible so that when the time is right, he can present it to the world to show everyone that the true culprits in global bioterrorism are the US, the UK, the EU, and NATO.

“This is precisely why the Azov Nazis were given such free rein to terrorize the citizens of Mariupol. They were acting on orders from their NATO command, Pentagon masters and CIA overlords to exert absolute control over the Azovstal bioterror crime scene.”

“Isn’t that why these hardcore Neo-Nazis are called the Azov Regiment and Azov Battalion (as in Azovstal)? These battle-hardened mercenaries were put there to provide brutal defensive and protective services for the Zio-Anglo-American bioterrorist operations.”

Russia decided it had no choice other than to put a stop to this slow-motion genocide, which would have eventually spread beyond Donbass into Russia. He had to nip this thing in the bud before a global genocide ensued, which appears to have been what was attempted with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic.

The powers that be in the West clearly have future plandemics already lined up and waiting to be executed, though Putin’s invasion could be the thing that stops them before they get the chance to launch.

The bottom line is that according to analysts, Putin reportedly had a moral obligation to intervene, and that is exactly what he did. Ukraine is right on the doorstep of western Russia and most of Russia’s most populous cities, so at the very least Putin is doing what is necessary to protect his own people, which is far more than America’s “leadership” would ever bother to do for Americans.

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