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REVEALED: Dr. Shiva Exposes How the U.S. Gov't Uses Twitter to Target & Silence Political Dissidents

Dr. Shiva (MIT PHD Scientist & Inventor of email) revealed how the U.S. government is using Twitter to suppress speech of political opponents.

“There’s some big illusion that Twitter is this massive corporation that does stuff on their own,” Shiva told War Room, Tuesday. “What we’ve shown is that the government tells them what to do.”

Shiva, who was kicked off of Twitter for exposing government officials’ corruption while he was running for office, said he has proven in court Twitter is a “state actor.”

“In testimony we showed that the government has a trusted Twitter partnership, a special portal that they can report on U.S. citizens when they expose violations of law by government officials,” he said.

There is even a manual called “The Election Influence Operations Playbook” for how to silence political dissidents.

The playbook was deployed in London, then India, before being used against American citizens.

“Everyone has talked about Twitter acts as its own,” Dr. Shiva said. “What our case has shown — and it’s history making — is we have lost all political speech in this country.”

The manual explains how to brand dissidents as “influence operators” and how to then suppress their speech. It happened to Shiva when he ran for Congress, and was kicked off Twitter for exposing their coordination with the Massachusetts’ state government.

“It’s like out of the CIA,” he said.



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