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Some of Us Tried Telling You The Truth About COVID

March 12, 2021

I hate to say I told you so, because it comes across as grandstanding self-promotion. Lord knows we see enough of that from the politicians and the treasonous mainstream media cartel.

A victory lap is not the point.

The point, is that the correct statistics have been out there since day 1. Hiding right in plain sight.

The media just manipulated everyone to believe their lies and vilify those of us who tried to show people the truth.

The result of the COVID Scam? The UK is experiencing its worst economy since 1709.

We are not that far behind herein the US.

Why haven’t you seen this on the news you ask?

Do you really expect the people that fabricated the problem to tell you just how bad the consequences of their own actions will be?

You know the impact is severe when the mask-toting BBC has to admit it:


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