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🎥 The Truth Behind Konnech Election Systems, China, Michigan & The 2020 Election 🗳️

"Communist China Rigging Elections With Konnech Incorporated" by Reese Report.

Public records show that Konnech's Chinese subsidiary Yulian Network, which developed U.S. election software, also developed election software for the CCP.

Most folks don’t even know that the CEO of a major US election software provider was arrested for storing data on CCP servers in China.

Even fewer know that this software is still in use across the country and that the FBI has completely punted this case until November 17th, after the “elections”.

Konnech also transferred patents to and registered the website of Hongzheng Technology—another CCP election software company that is partnered with Huawei, China Telecom, and China Unicom.

Nothing has changed. Rigged systems still in place. Corrupt officials still in place.

The Military is the only way. 🇺🇸🟨🇺🇸


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