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Time For Another Tea Party – Nationwide Strike Against Vax Mandates

November 9, 2021

One of the hallmarks of the last two years has been the lack of any effective pushback by our elected representatives against gross government overreach. The Congress of the United States has never voted to impose vaccine mandates or require masking. State legislatures have been equally silent. Yet, all across the nation, largely unopposed bureaucrats and chief executives have simply decreed that Americans comply with clearly unconstitutional decrees and accept unprecedented restrictions on their civil liberties.

And, almost no one in public office has spoken out nationally to protest these actions. A handful of state governors have shown moral courage. Vastly more public officials have simply looked away and allowed Americans to be trampled by tyranny under the guise of public health.

Our forefathers confronted this situation well over two centuries ago. They found themselves devoid of representation. A tyrannical British government simply ordered compliance with a whole series of increasingly despotic commands. Ultimately, our ancestors understood that the time for patience had passed.

They took matters into their own hands. They simply said, “No, we will not comply.” They began a long campaign of civil disobedience.

The Boston Tea Party is perhaps the best known of the actions that ensued. It was not as modern-day revisionists may characterize it – a riot. It was a carefully crafted, tightly controlled action to destroy British tea being forced on the colonists of Massachusetts. So focused were the Americans who carried out the action on preventing violence that when they found it necessary to break a padlock on a ship’s hatch to gain access to the tea, they then replaced the broken lock with a new one before leaving the ship.

These were not vandals. They were citizens saying clearly, they would not be treated as slaves.

We have come full circle. The time for civil disobedience has come again.

Advocates for Citizens’ Rights, a California non-profit founded by attorney Leigh Dundas, along with Robert Kennedy Jr.’s organization Children’s Health Defense and a number of other groups are promoting at Nationwide Walkout & Stand for Freedom to take place November 8-11. The purpose of the voluntary work strike is to protest vaccine mandates in the workplace. The event carries the social media hashtag #AxeTheVax.

“This nationwide walkout has spread like wildfire, with white-collar professionals joining the supply chain workers and truckers — and employees from every industry and all faiths, creeds, races and political affiliations — now pledging they will strike during the week of November 8, as a statement that jobs should never be conditioned on medical mandates and tyranny,” Dundas said.

The event comes on the heels of other strikes and labor action around the country. Both Southwest and American airlines have had to cancel thousands of flights in recent weeks because employees have not been showing up for work.

Dundas says the event is in response to a growing wave of discontent in the country. “Couple weeks ago, I started getting calls from the blue-collar guys. You know, the folks who actually run this country. Because Americans don’t often have cause to reflect on this simple truth, but the fact is that this country does not run on the back of people like you and me. It runs on the backs of blue-collar workers who make products, and who move products.”

Dundas continued, “The blue-collar folks I talked to were working at large companies that were 40%, 50%, and often as high as 75% unvaccinated — and willing to hold the line. These guys are drawing a line in the sand, making a stand for freedom. And I believe in my core that the week of November 8 will go down in the history books as the day that freedom rose up, tyrannical mandates went on the run, and history was changed for the better.”

The time has come. Americans do not beg for privileges. They stand on their rights. Unelected functionaries do not rule – they take orders from the people.

Stand up. Draw the line. Refuse to comply. Join the fight. Remind all the modern-day King Georges who really runs this country.

SOURCE: AND Magazine


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