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Times Up Leader Resigns After Being EXPOSED For Involvement in Cuomo’s Efforts to Discredit Accusers

On Monday, the leader of “Times Up” resigned after it was exposed that she had assisted in Andrew Cuomo’s efforts of intimidation and discrediting of his accusers.

Robert Kaplan, a lawyer, repeatedly championed the ‘believe all women’ slogan. This was later unmasked as a fraud in a report released last week.

She gave her legal expertise to the governor who asked her to review a letter meant for discrediting Lindsey Boylan. The leaders of this group have been exposed for being raging hypocrites who shield their actions under a victimhood currency.

Kaplan, in his Times Up resignation, writes:

“Unfortunately, recent events have made it clear that even our apparent allies in the fight to advance women can turn out to be abusers.”

“We have felt the raw, personal and profound pain of that betrayal.”

However, these developments did not deter Cuomo from keeping up with his innocence.



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