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Truth Reset: Here is The TRUE Narrative on COVID-19

June 4, 2021

America is slowly waking up to the truth about the COVID PLANDemic. The reality is that it was never backed up with facts.

No, it was backed up with propaganda created by the Globalists in the WHO and the CDC.

Propaganda that was endlessly shoved down the throats of the American people by the traitors in a treasonous mainstream media and Hollywood the establishment. It was nothing but a constant stream of fear, death and carefully-orchestrated messaging ("Remember: A Clean Hand is a Happy Hand!), hidden within PSA's, benefit concerts, talk shows and 24 hour cable news.

It's taken a year too long. Too may have died, too many Americans have already lost everything. Too many Americans will still lose everything, as we deal with the downstream effects of a destroyed economy and generational mental health challenges. But, the truth is coming out. And as it does, what is happening? The propaganda stories are falling apart faster than Fauci's last book deal.

So, here is the true narrative:

1) COVID-19 is a man made by a weapon released from the Wuhan Viral lab

2) Fauci and his accomplices gave critical technology and funding to China, to develop a weapon of mass destruction beginning in 2014.

3) Pre hospital treatment of COVID-19 was intentionally suppressed,

4) Life saving information and medication was intentionally suppressed.

5) Number four, this Zelenko Protocol was developed mid March 20: A Treatment with Zinc plus low dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. The protocol reduced hospitalization deaths by 84%. Multiple studies have proven this to be a scientific truth.

6) Academic fraud, media false propaganda and governmental malfeasance vilified pre-hospital treatment with the Zelenko Protocol.

7) Out of 600,000 dead Americans, we could have saved 510,000. The American people have been brutalized and are victims of mass murder, and crimes against humanity.

The solution?

1) Immediately endorse pre-hospital treatment and make it the standard of care.

2) Bring the criminals to justice.

-Vladimir Zelenko MD.


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