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🎥 Truth vs Narrative: The US Dollar 📉 "It's Not Impossible To [become] An Argentina or Venezuela”

September 1, 2022

Over 90% of Americans are concerned about the economy.

Sadly, most of the 90% don’t understand just how incredibly dire the economic situation is, especially the status of the US Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

And, once again it’s because the mainstream financial media tells half-truths, manipulates statistics and outright lies in order to paint a fabricated narrative. The same playbook as the rest of the media.

The mainstream financial “experts” take advantage of a population that is largely uneducated on the most basic workings of Global economics and finance. Of course, we know that sadly, this lack of knowledge in America is by design.

As I’ve said many times, at this point in the game, we need to focus our awakening efforts on the “low-hanging fruit.” Topics like finance, that impact everyone and have not been weaponized to divide us.

This approach will reach far more people than trying to prove to the mask-wearers that COVID is a bio weapon.

They’ll eventually get hit by the inevitable truth avalanche that I believe is already coming down the mountain.

Give the unawakened clips and stories like these. Don’t add any commentary. Just send it and say nothing.

We all share financial hardship, regardless of party. People see the difference between the headlines and their

bank accounts. This is a common ground topic that we can use to help open eyes to the corrupt media’s lies.

Credit: Steve Cortes: Steve Bannon:

America, it’s long past time to wake up and STAND UP! 🇺🇸


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