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🎥 TruthStream Live: Interview With Derek Johnson & SG Anon [11.21.22]

November 22, 2022

Military minds Derek Johnson and "SG Anon" join TruthStream Live for an epic discussion of Devolution, Continuity of Government, Q and the exposure of truth to the masses. If you're confused by the increasing insanity of the world, this livestream will help bring much-needed clarity.

As mass cognitive dissonance continues to descend on the mass consciousness, the most frequent question that I receive is "Who the hell can I listen to?" Unfortunately, that's not a simple question. Our world, ALL of us, has been slowly brainwashed by the government and mass media over the last 70 years. The unwinding process is not going to be slow or simple. It is a journey that we must all eventually travel.

A major step of that journey is to snap ourselves out of the habit of single source information consumption. Google manipulates your searches. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok use complex algorithms to manipulate your belief structure by showing you only the things they want you to see. The mainstream media and Hollywood? Well, I think you all get that part of it by now....

The most important lesson to learn is this: No matter how many jobs, how many children or how many commitments we may have, it is CRITICAL to carve out time to seek the truth. Whether it's our doctor's diagnosis, the decisions of our "financial advisors", our local government "laws" or the curriculum in our children's schools, the mantra must be the same: VERIFY BEFORE you trust. And PLEASE remember, it's 2022, you have a super computer in your hand - if your basis of truth starts with the words "I heard," "my friend said," "I know someone who's a (insert profession here)" or the worst one, "they say", it is NOT truth. That is called hearsay - it's not admissible in a Court of Law for good reason. It's the basis of groupthink, which is one of the key tools that's been weaponized against all of us during the COVID PLANdemic.

The key to moving forward in this world of lies is to TRUST YOURSELF. The cable box is not the gateway to truth, your own critical thinking and discernment is. Use logic, consider the motivation of the people giving you information and remember to be influenced by facts and reason, not by fear and sensationalism.

It is this basic doctrine that is the reason you'll find so much information from SG Anon and Derek Johnson on this platform. I am not affiliated with them in any way, I do not know either of them and I don't benefit financially in any way from posting their content. I share their content because both are extremely well-researched and brilliant military minds who back up everything they do with complete transparency. However, that is not where the job ends. The transparency they provide to open source information is what allows me to research and VERIFY what they say for myself.

I know these gentlemen are excellent resources for the hidden truth in a world that's controlled by a massive military operation. But I don't want anyone to simply listen to me. In fact, I want people to question every last thing I say. THAT is the process and the journey that will lead everyone else back to the self-confidence that is derived from the journey to self-verified truth.

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Ellen Gray
Ellen Gray
Nov 26, 2022

Excellent show. Love Derek Johnson. What a brilliant man he is. I also enjoy and stay informed with SG Anon.

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