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🎥 Tucker Skewers the Biden Crime Family After NY Times FINALLY Admits Laptop is Real

March 18, 2022

On Hunter Biden’s laptop there is “extensive evidence of the Biden family’s long-term overseas influence-peddling operation,” Tucker’s Thurs. night monologue began. “How do they live in those big houses? Because they’re getting paid off by foreign governments in exchange for favors.”

Joe Biden joined a chorus of censorship media and BigTech “fact-checkers” in disparaging the laptop story as “Russian disinformation,” citing “50 former intelligence officials (all of them liars)” as proof.

“Foreign interference in our elections,” Tucker mocked. “Of course the irony is the laptop showed that foreign companies and governments had been paying the Biden family in exchange for changing US policy toward those countries. Selling out our nation for cash. The Ukrainians most famously.”

“Biden is now president so the NYT can admit what we all knew all along: the laptop is totally real - it’s not Russian disinformation.”

SOURCE: Fox News Channel


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