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Unlimited Access: Visitor Logs Reveal Epstein Visited Clinton White House at least 17 TIMES

December 2, 2021

  • Visitor logs obtained exclusively by reveal pedophile Jeffrey Epstein visited the White House at least 17 times during Bill Clinton's first term between 1993 and 1995

  • The documents, released as part of a FOIA request, show Epstein was admitted as a guest on 14 separate days and on three occasions made two visits in a single day

  • The vast majority of Epstein's visits were to the West Wing, suggesting he was meeting the president

  • The late financier was invited by some of Clinton's most senior advisers and aides, including Robert Rubin who later served as Clinton's Treasury Secretary

  • While Epstein's crimes did not become public knowledge until his 2006 arrest, the visits would have occurred around the time his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell was allegedly procuring underage girls for him

  • According to logs, Epstein was first admitted as a guest in February 25, 1993 - just a month after Clinton's inauguration - after being invited by Robert Rubin, at the time Assistant to the President for Economic Policy

  • He next visited on September 29, 1993 for a reception organized by the White House Historical Association after he donated $10,000, which he was photographed attending with Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffrey Epstein's access to the Clinton White House has been laid bare by visitor logs exclusively obtained by, which reveal the pedophile visited at least 17 times during the former president's first few years in office.

Epstein, who died in 2019, visited Bill Clinton at the Executive Mansion over the course of three years with the first invitation coming just a month after his inauguration in January 1993.

The logs show the late financier showed up on 14 separate days, even making two visits in a single day on three different occasions.

Epstein was invited by some of Clinton's most senior advisers and aides, including one who later served as Treasury Secretary, according to records.

The documents reveal that the vast majority of Epstein's visits stated that he was going to the West Wing, meaning there was a strong likelihood he was meeting Clinton.

The disclosure puts renewed scrutiny on Clinton's friendship with Epstein, who was known to have flown the former president on his private jet - known as the 'Lolita Express' - dozens of times after he left office.

When Epstein hanged himself in jail after his arrest in 2019, Clinton claimed that he knew 'nothing about the terrible crimes' his friend carried out.

And while Epstein's crimes did not become public knowledge until his arrest in 2006, the visits to the White House would have occurred during the same time frame that his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of recruiting underage girls for him.

Maxwell, 59, is accused of being Epstein's procurer between 1994 and 2004, a period of time during which the pedophile appeared to have been gaining the trust of the most powerful man in the nation.

Clinton's historic victory over George H.W. Bush in the 1992 election paved the way for him to serve two terms in the White House and become one of the most successful Democrats in US history.

Meanwhile Epstein was still establishing himself as a financial manager and had recently left Towers Financial, a debt collection agency which would collapse in 1993 due to a $450million Ponzi scheme, the largest in the US at the time.

Steven Hoffenberg, who ran the company with Epstein, was jailed for 20 years. Epstein was never arrested nor charged.

Epstein met Maxwell in the early 1990s and the two briefly dated before she eventually became the manager of his Palm Beach mansion and, as prosecutors allege, top recruiter of minors.

Over the next decade he would acquire the trappings of a billionaire playboy: his private island in the Caribbean, a $75million mansion in New York which was the largest private residence in the city at the time, and his ranch in New Mexico.

He would also acquire the friendship of one William Jefferson Clinton.

Reports have claimed that Clinton was a self-made man and may have been drawn to Epstein because he was cut from a similar cloth.

As Epstein reportedly told his friends: 'I invest in people - be it politics or science. It's what I do.'


The visitor logs were obtained by from the Clinton Presidential Library under a series of FOIA requests.

They show that Epstein's first visit to the Clinton White House was on February 25, 1993 and the person who issued the invitation is listed as 'Rubin'. The location of the visit is listed as 'WW', or West Wing.

The most prominent Rubin in the White House at the time was Robert Rubin, who took up his position as director of the National Economic Council when Clinton took office.

Rubin was so favored by Clinton that he was appointed Treasury Secretary in January 1995.

Rubin would go on to serve as chair of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an international affairs think tank, between 2007 and 2017.

Epstein was a member of the CFR from 1995 until 2009 and donated $350,000 to the organization, money which it later gave to an organization which fights human trafficking.

The logs show that Epstein was admitted for his White House visit at 9:19am that day, when Clinton had plans to meet with Rubin at 1:45pm, according to the president's daily schedule.

It is not clear if Epstein attended the meeting.

When called Rubin's home, his wife said to 'call his office' before hanging up.

A spokeswoman for Rubin said: 'To the best of Mr. Rubin's recollection he never met or spoke with Mr. Epstein.'

Epstein's next visit was on September 29 to attend a reception organized by the White House Historical Association after he donated $10,000 to help renovate the building.

It was one of the earliest instances of Epstein using philanthropy to gain access to powerful men, a tactic he would deploy extensively later after his 2006 conviction for having sex with underage girls.

Photos from the event show Epstein and Clinton shaking hands with both men smiling broadly.

In the background Maxwell, who attended with Epstein, can be seen looking intently at Clinton.

Another photo shows Clinton talking to Maxwell and Epstein together as guests mingle around them.

White House social secretary Ann Stock, who was listed in Epstein's little black book, was the reception's point of contact.

Stock would have been a useful ally for Epstein and when she left the role in August 1997, the former president said it was a 'personal loss' for him.

The person who approved the visit for Maxwell was 'Rathbone', which appears to be Linda Rathbone, who was special assistant to the chief of staff at the time.

Stock did not return messages asking for comment, and neither did Rathbone.

Epstein's third visit to the White House was on December 17 and the admitting authority was 'Mortman', which appears to be Lisa Mortman, staff assistant to the director of media affairs at the time.

Epstein entered the White House at 9:27am and Clinton's presidential schedule for that day shows that at 10:10am he and Hillary Clinton attended the announcement of a $500million grant to improve education from Walter Annenberg, the late publishing billionaire.

The grant was the largest of its kind at the time and Clinton praised it in front of a crowd of people, saying it 'couldn't have come at a better time'.

While it is not clear if Epstein attended the event, it is exactly the kind of nexus of philanthropy and power that he used to further his own ends.

Other attendees included Senator Ted Kennedy, Richard Riley, who was education secretary at the time, and education reformer Ted Sizer.

Mortman did not return calls asking for comment.

Epstein's fourth visit to the Clinton White House was on December 21 and he was signed in by 'Kelley'.

No other details are given but, intriguingly, Clinton's mother was called Virginia Clinton Kelley and she was still alive at the time - the following month she died of cancer.

The visitor logs show that Epstein's destination was the West Wing and he arrived at 12:16pm.

That morning Clinton attended a memorial at Arlington National Cemetery for the victims of Pan Am Flight 103 and returned to the White House by 11:15pm.

He would remain in the Oval Office until 2pm for 'Lunch/Phone and Office Time', leaving a large window in which he could have met Epstein.


The vast bulk of Epstein's visits - 12 in total - came during 1994.

The first was on March 24 and was approved by 'Middleton', which was Mark Middleton, who at the time was special assistant to the president.

He was also assistant to the chief of staff, Thomas F. 'Mack' McLarty.

Middleton, who left the White House in February 1995, was accused of setting himself up as an international deal-maker, exactly the kind of person that would appeal to Epstein.

In 1996 an investigation by the White House found that Middleton had abused his access to impress business clients and he was barred from the executive mansion without senior approval.

Middleton denied the claims.

The visitor logs show that on March 24, 1994, Epstein arrived at 3pm and by that time Clinton had already left for the day on a visit to Pope Air Force Base in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, later followed by a private event in Dallas, Texas.

The other name that features prominently on Epstein's 1994 visits is 'Ewing', which was Karen Ewing, who worked in the chief of staff's office.

A source said that she was involved in sending names of visitors to be cleared by the Secret Service and that Epstein was there to see Middleton, not her.

The logs show that some of Middleton's meetings with Epstein happened in room 176 which was in the old Executive Office building, not the White House.

The source said that Middleton asked for a meeting room next to the White House mess, which was in the West Wing, so he could impress his guests with his proximity to the Oval Office.

The source said: 'Mark was trying to make himself look bigger than he was. He was trying to make himself out like he had more power than he really did in the White House.

'Mark knew that Epstein was managing the money of Les Wexner', referring to the billionaire founder of L Brands and Victoria's Secret.

'The year 1994 there were midterm elections, Clinton needed money and Mark thought he could get some of Wexner's money.

'Mark wanted to set himself up as the guy who could bring in those kinds of big donors', the source said.

The source remembered Epstein as being 'very charming' but that was normal for people wanting to get access to the president.

The source said: 'He didn't dress very smartly and wore jeans and a button down white shirt.

'One time he got chatting with me and claimed he had been a Navy SEAL. I'd just read a book on the SEALs so I knew how to check if he was telling the truth and asked him: 'What was your class number?'

'A real SEAL could answer that in a second but Epstein couldn't. I looked at me and smiled and his face said: 'You got me'. I just smiled back at him and we moved on.'

According to the source, among the people that Epstein would meet on his trips to the White House was George Mitchell, the former senator who at the time was Senate majority leader.

Mitchell later served as the US Special Envoy for Middle East Peace under President Obama and was among the powerful men Epstein victim Virginia Roberts claimed she was loaned out to for sex by the pedophile in a deposition.

Mitchell has always denied any wrongdoing.

Epstein's next visit was on April 20, 1994 and he was signed in at 3pm.

Clinton was in the Oval Office until 3:15pm that day when he began a series of briefings with high level staff.

The following day, April 21, Epstein made two visits to the White House on the same day, both signed in by Ewing, at 5pm and 7pm.

In both cases his destination was the West Wing.

Clinton's daily schedule shows him either in the Oval Office for briefings or attending a reception for the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments.

At 7pm Clinton arrived at Blair House for a reception for the Prime Minister of Greece and returned to the White House by 8pm, meaning he could still have met Epstein.

The source said that days like this were the likeliest that Clinton and Epstein met.

The source said: 'Mark probably looked at the president's daily schedule and said: 'Come back later and we'll try and get you in there to see him.

'Even if it was just for a few minutes, you're still meeting the president'.

Four days later on April 25, Epstein was back at the White House again, once more destined for the West Wing.

Epstein's 5:15pm arrival came during a time when Clinton had some free time in his schedule.

The former president attended an event to announce, with a grim irony, the first National Crime Victims' Rights Week and finished mid afternoon.

After that the schedule says he had 'down time for the remainder of the day', meaning he had plenty of time to see his friend, Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein returned to the West Wing twice in one day on May 13 in visits signed off by Middleton and Ewing.

His first visit was at 12pm and the second was at 4pm, both bound for the West Wing.

Clinton's schedule for the day shows him having 'lunch, phone and office time' from 11:05am to 1:05pm in the Oval Office that day and 'phone and office time' in the Oval Office, both periods that coincide with Epstein visiting.

June 7 was Epstein's next trip to the West Wing: Clinton was away at the time on an official visit to France.

However Clinton was in the White House on July 28, when Epstein would return for two visits in a single day.

Epstein's 2pm visit to the West Wing coincided with Clinton's lunch and office time in the Oval Office.

Epstein's 6:30pm visit coincided with Clinton attending a Congressional meeting and then a reception in the Blue Room followed by a dinner in the State Room organized by Ann Stock.

It is unclear if Epstein attended.

Epstein had two final visits in 1994, the first of which was on September 26 and was signed off by Middleton. Clinton was in New York at the time attending the UN General Assembly.

Epstein's next visit was on October 27 and he was signed in by Stock. Clinton was out of the country at the time on an official visit to the Middle East - on that day he was in Jordan.

Intriguingly the logs show that Epstein's destination was the East Wing but Hillary was on the trip with Clinton.

The source believed that Maxwell attended the White House with Epstein during the summer of 1994 for one visit, though her name does not appear in the visitor logs.

Middleton did not return calls asking for comment. Ewing declined to comment.


Epstein visited Clinton just once in 1995, on January 28, and he was again signed in by Middleton, with the time of entry 2:45pm.

That day Clinton had 'down time' from 1:45pm for the rest of the day, leaving him plenty of time to see Epstein.

It would be Epstein's final visit to the White House, but by then the connection with the president had been made.

The two men began to socialize outside of the White House and two months later, on March 30, Epstein paid up to $100,000 to attend a Democrat fundraiser in Palm Beach where Clinton was present.

Also attending was Miami Vice star Don Johnson, Deandra Douglas, then the wife of actor Michael Douglas, singer Jimmy Buffett and billionaire investor Ron Perelman.

Soon the friendship between Epstein and Clinton was close enough that mutual friends were bringing the financier up in conversation.

British socialite Lynn Forester, who served on Clinton's National Information Infrastructure Advisory Committee and on his Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, wrote a letter to the former president on April 27, 1995 referring to Epstein.

Forester, who some believe introduced the two men, wrote: 'Dear Mr. President: It was a pleasure to see you recently at Senator Kennedy's house.

'There was too much to discuss and too little time. Using my fifteen seconds of access to discuss Jeffrey Epstein and currency stabilization, I neglected to talk to you about a topic near and dear to my heart. Namely, affirmative action and the future'.

In 2000 Forester would sell her townhouse in Manhattan for $4.95million to an anonymous corporation with the same address as Epstein's office on Madison Avenue.

The price was $8.5million less than its market value - Maxwell moved in soon after and remained there until 2016 when she sold it for $16million.


Flight logs from Epstein's planes show that after leaving office Clinton flew at least 26 times on the pedophile's jet - known as the 'Lolita Express' - and as many as 10 times with no Secret Service detail.

The trips included a multi-stop tour of Asia in November 2003 to destinations including Russia, Oslo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, the logs show.

In 2002 Clinton took a trip to Africa aboard Epstein's plane with disgraced actor Kevin Spacey and the comedian Chris Tucker.

Photos previously published by showed Clinton being given a massage on the trip by Chauntae Davies.

Davies was an Epstein victim who worked as a flight attendant and was repeatedly raped by the pedophile.

Speaking to New York magazine in 2002, Clinton said: 'Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science.

'I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa to work on democratization, empowering the poor, citizen service and combating HIV/AIDS'.

Clinton and Epstein were so close that the financier had email addresses for Clinton and 21 numbers for him in his 'black book' of contacts.

Epstein donated more than $94,000 over the years to candidates from the Democratic party, an apparent attempt to buy influence.

In addition, Epstein's lawyers have claimed that he helped Clinton devise the Clinton Global Initiative, his philanthropic organization which is the focus of his post-presidency.

Clinton was also photographed hugging Epstein's housekeepers on a trip to his mansion in New York.

Multiple reports have claimed that Clinton visited Epstein's island in the Caribbean, a claim which the ex-president's former close adviser Doug Band has said is true.

Virginia Roberts, the Epstein victim, said in a 2011 deposition that Clinton visited Little St James and arrived with 'two young girls' from New York.

Roberts said: 'I remember asking Jeffrey what's Bill Clinton doing here kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said 'well he owes me a favor.'

'He never told me what favors they were. I never knew. I didn't know if he was serious. It was just a joke…

'...He told me a long time ago that everyone owes him favors. They're all in each other's pockets'. Clinton's spokesmen have always strongly denied the allegation.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Band has claimed that Chelsea Clinton was so close with Maxwell because she 'had access to yachts and nice homes' and 'Chelsea needed that'.

Indeed Maxwell was invited to Chelsea's wedding in 2010 in Rhinebeck, New York, and a photo of the event shows her craning her neck down the aisle at the bride.

In the wake of Epstein's suicide in 2019, Clinton issued a statement amid outrage at his friendship with the sex offender.

A Clinton spokesman said at the time that he 'knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York'.

The statement said: 'In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein's airplane: one to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation'.

A spokesman for Clinton did not return requests for comment when contacted by


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