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Videos Begin to Emerge Showing Major Hospitals Empty During Pandemic

Via @RichardCitizenJournalist on Telegram:

For those that don’t know: This all started for me when I was fired March 16 2020 bc face to face sales appointments were made illegal. So I went to see why? I went to hundreds of hospitals. All the same. EMPTY! This is from august 4. Johns Hopkins Baltimore. #wherearethesickpeople was my hash tag before i was banned. language warning. My apologies, I was pissed, still am.

Folks this not a small regional hospital in upstate New York. This is a major level one care center in the middle of Baltimore Maryland. Based on what the news is telling everybody, this hospital should’ve been overrun with people sick with COVID-19 but it was deserted. And just look how upset they got when he started filming the empty waiting room....


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