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🎥 Watch: The Criminal Financial Media At Work - The Facade of Equal Coverage

Septemer 3, 2022 Commentary

In many ways, they’re more complicit in crimes against the American people than CNN or MSNBC. Why? Because the lies they knowingly present as facts every day are used by millions of Americans to make serious, potentially life-altering investment decisions.

Unlike the “opinion” news of the talking heads on Cable News, Financial News is presented as analysis, by using charts, figures and “statistics.” Sadly, all of which can be manipulated or presented without context. The reality is that it’s nothing more than Wall Street dictated propaganda and narratives, masked as numerically-driven analysis.

In my opinion, this is far more evil than politically-driven lies. Because, financial markets are a zero-sum game. When you lose, someone else wins - and it’s almost always the big investment firms.

So when these criminals manipulate financial truths, it’s with one goal in mind: Transfer wealth from Main Street to Wall Street.


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