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🎥 WATCH: Thousands Greet President Trump At CPAC

🎥 (ORLANDO, FL) They came in flag-waving caravans, many waiting hours outside of the Hyatt Regency Orlando for a glimpse of President Trump’s motorcade as it arrived at CPAC. #45 Made his first public address since relocating to the Winter White House in January. ~continued below~

They flooded both sides of International Drive and stood shoulder to shoulder as far as the eye could see. Among the thousands that basked in the moment were old and young, black and white, local and foreign. But today, the only identity present was that of one proud, unified group of Americans.

The revelers on I-Drive far outnumbered the equally-giddy CPAC attendees, fortunate enough to have the most coveted ticket in the World. In fact, most who lined the thoroughfare wouldn't even be inside the building for President Trump's keynote address. That didn't matter one bit.

Trump's supporters came en masse to thank their President. They came to show Patriotism, the way Americans used to in more simple times.

They cheered, danced, honked and celebrated all things Trump long after the President departed at dusk.

No one argued over masks. No one debated 'Science.' Nothing was damaged. All were welcome.

When it was all over and the Sun set on February and CPAC '21, there was renewed hope that maybe, just maybe, we're not all that different after all.

Score one for The Republic. 🇺🇸


More sights and sounds from the CPAC Day 4:


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