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WATCH 🎥 Vindicated SD Gov Rips Fauci, Cuomo to Standing Ovation at CPAC

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, was labeled by the Mainstream Media Cartel as "ill-informed", "reckless" and a "denier" while saying her state was "as bad as anywhere in the world."

ABC's George Stephanopoulos went as far as to once ask NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to give Noem "Advice" on how to handle Covid....Oops.

Yet the State that never had any lockdowns, never closed businesses, never defined "essential workers" and NEVER made its citizens wear masks, now touts the lowest unemployment rate in the US and is at or near the bottom of every statistical metric for Covid transmission.

So much for the media's version of 'Science'....

🎥Watch Noem's CPAC Address:


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