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We’re creating a generation of monsters and it’s all because of the masks.

We’re creating a generation of monsters and it’s all because of the masks.

We look at children, 3 year olds and up as innocent, pure, hope for the future. Media giants, celebrities, educators and US government have led an effective campaign that bullying and passing judgement is bad, arcane, and not what the USA tolerates. We’re supposed to accept this as truth.

Feel guilty questioning a unisex school outfitting bathrooms for the sex they don’t teach or wonder why athletic brands no longer feature athletes or really anyone south of a size 12.

So the genius of the gaslighting to come in 10, 15, 20 years, when these 3 year olds to college students are in power, working, voting, manning the doors at Trader Joes, providing content at Meta, pushing out stories at Disney, programming at Netflix, teaching the next generation, will be today’s tyranny on steroids.

The judgement a non mask wearer feels from a masker is acute and encouraged because of 2 reasons; the masker is either living in abject fear or feels superior.

Parent and media superstar Howard Stern says in his America, the unvaccinated should be denied hospital admittance and just go home to die. Not judgey. Biden and Joy Reid say it’s the unvaccinated that are to blame for hospital overload and perpetuating Covid. Not judgey. Mayor Adams says cloth masks are insufficient and will focus on “higher quality masks”, n-95s for school children. What children are subliminally meant to believe is that 2 years in cloth were not only for naught but the problem.

Schools, where children spend a minimum of 7 hours a day Monday through Friday (when not remote or in hybrid) are hotbeds of obsessive mask culture. A plethora of emails have flooded the ether since March 2020. Mask monitors block Manhattan private school entrances, reserve masks must be in backpacks, lectures and zooms on correct masking, all this occurs ad nauseum.

Then, there’s the school closures. Children have been told school is unsafe. Meaning, children are unsafe. They are told playdates and birthday parties are breeding grounds of contamination leading to death. Gym has been on hold. Mask police require communal materials like computers to be sanitized to disintegration because of these so called deadly children. Individual water bottles are required so as to avoid drinking fountains and many children leave school dehydrated because teachers are petrified of the mask going down as a way to drink with it on hasn’t been figured out.

Many public schools have lunch time outside in the freezing cold sitting on buckets as seats because masks need to come off to eat (duh) and poison children’s breath gets lose.

Even Yellen (Treasury Secretary) and Deese (Biden’s Director of the National Economic Council) blamed inflation on children.

Children are shouldering the blame for Covid.

And while anyone with brain activity above plant-life can only view what has been heaped onto children as abuse, the result is, we’re creating a generation of abusers, fear mongerers, panic merchants and tyrants. And it is the greatest gaslighting campaign in history.

Jacqueline Toboroff

IG @jacquelinefornyc

SOURCE: Creative Destruction Media

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