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🎥 What I Watch: Dr. Jason Dean on The US Medical Industrial Complex & The PLANDemic

July 28, 2021

Mel K welcomes Dr. Jason Dean of Brave TV where they discuss the medical industrial complex, the plandemic and the importance of our respective missions to save America.

Mel and Rob bring truth, facts and discernment to the illusion of reality. Things are heating up patriots. Make sure to embrace your armor of god and buckle up. God Wins!

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We love what we do and are working hard to keep on top of everything to help this transition along peacefully and with love. Please support our work in any way you can. Like, Share, Comment and If you value our work and have the resources please support us through www.the partners or donation pages.

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Thank you amazing patriots for joining us on this journey, for your support of our work and for your faith in this biblical transition to greatness. God Wins! Power to the People!


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