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🎥 Why Banks Are Collapsing: Fractional Reserve Lending Explained in 5 Minutes

April 11, 2023

Greg Reese

If you're a reader of this blog, I would hope by now you've learned to completely shut off the mainstream media. Doing so is critical to learning the truth about the world around you. Remember, these are the same people that told you COVID was an accident, masks and lockdowns work, the vaccine is "safe and effective", inflation was "transitory" and there was little chance of a recession, despite having created the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression during the PLANDemic lockdowns. Everything that myself and other truthers we labeled as "crazy" for trying to warn others about.

Now they're trying to convince you that banks are safe and the SVB debacle was an isolated incident. IT IS NOT. PERIOD.

Understand how Fractional Reserve Banking works and why your money is NOT safe in ANY bank right now. Empower yourself and take appropriate action.

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