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🍿 Why is This 'Movie' Taking So Long? There's a Method to This Madness

April 1, 2022

All [3] movies playing simultaneously?

Do you find it interesting that everything discussed in the past is somehow making news as of late?


I know, I're sick of hearing about it, think it's insane, don't care anymore or are rip-roaring mad at the "tardiness" of 'The Great Awakening'.

But, It had to be this way.

Many are still frustrated at the pace of this operation, and understandably so because this sucks; but if you examine the current landscape from a different perspective, the operation becomes clear.

You have to look from the future. Think back to front. You have to consider how the history books will read 30+ years from now. When new generations are born, free of the brainwashing. When the legacy media dies beneath the unbearable weight of truth. The history books will describe the unfathomable horrors committed in this era. They will view the US in the same light we view Nazi Germany, Maoist China, Stalinist Russia, Mussolini Italy, and all the horrific rulers of old.

Based on what is happening now, here are some major themes future generations will cover in history class:

  • US created biologically enhanced pathogens in other countries around the globe and released them on the world population killing millions

  • US used this created pandemic to change the voting system and subvert an election with mass scale voter fraud

  • US used this created pandemic to pursue mass forced experimental injections

  • US used this created pandemic to install a medical police state

  • US infiltrated social media, big tech and MSM to control the flow of information in an attempt to censor any dissent from the approved C19 narrative

  • US used this created pandemic to shut down small businesses and fired 50million+ Americans overnight

  • US media complex used advanced psychological brainwashing techniques and mass propaganda to fabricate death counts, case counts, hospitalization counts, etc.

  • US covered up viable treatments for C19 to make way for Emergency Use Authorization for forced vaccinations

  • US perverted science by ignoring natural immunity to pursue heinous political agendas

  • US censored and attacked scientists speaking out about C19 via the intelligence community

  • US committed mass genocide and covered it up

That’s how the US will be remembered. Now, many of you will say “it wasn’t the US it was the globalists and Democrats!”. You are correct. However, the future doesn’t give a shit. Just like we only remember 1930s-40s Germany as “Nazi Germany”. Can anyone name a single one of the SIX other parties in Germany at that time? You see my point.

Due to the ever so important fact that the People got to see all of this play out, the future will never forget this terrible era in American history. Just as every great empire in history, it eventually ends. Absolute power absolutely corrupts, and the case is no different here in the US.

So yes, we all want this process to be over, but understand that the longer this goes on, the more examples of evil that are exposed, the more impact it will have on deterring future generations from allowing these ideologies to rise again.

Like my father always said. “You can tell a child the stove is hot, but he doesn’t REALLY know the stove is hot until it burns the shit out of him”. This is how I was raised, by learning things the hard way.

Well that is what America is experiencing right now. Many of us have been screaming for decades that liberalism was globalism/socialism/communism in disguise. Unfortunately, the masses didn’t listen. Now, they are the metaphorical child that didn’t listen and got burned by the stove. This burn will sting for a long time, and you can bet your sweet ass that child will be much more cautious the next time he uses the stove.

This is whats taking so long. The burn has to be applied longer, so the wound never fades. We are driving the stake deeper and deeper into the heart of the globalist and liberal ideologies to eliminate them once and for all. This will take time. Just know that one day, this will all be worth it.


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