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Why Trump Expected This..

Yes. As insane as this may sound, I do believe that Donald Trump had a plan in place for this all along. One of the reason's Trump is so successful is his consistency. For a guy that causes so much chaos around him, his fundamentals never change. Much like his first term, he always follows through, never backs down and does what he says. In the 90's he openly warned President Bush about getting caught in Iraq Part I and he was part of a small minority with the late Ross Perot in denouncing the now defunct (thank you DJT) North Amerrican Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). A decade later, he correctly predicted the unexpected long-term occupations in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

The Deep State's Last Stand?

Trump has always been a Nationalist. He watched as the World Bank systematically manipulated the World Economy and gained more power with each passing year. Meanwhile the rhetoric from the media and Democratic Globalists took hold in the form of talking points: "Manufacturing jobs are never coming back here."......"The Days of 4% GDP are long gone." Jobs were shipped overseas, factories closed, wages stagnated and the elites only got richer.

But the party couldn't last forever. And this is not the first time the centralized banking system has caused chaos in the world. By definition, a global monopoly like the central bank can only last 30 to 40 years. Why? Because none of it is real. In 1971, when the US transitioned away from the gold standard it created one giant global monopoly game, with the American people reduced to thimbles and top hats. Without tangible assets backing currencies, central bankers decide when and how new money is printed. So when the United States needs $1.4 trillion for COVID-19 relief, they simply print it.

Central banks are the first responders of economic policy. They hold the reins of the global economy. But unlike national Treasuries that act from above by way of taxing and government spending, the central banks are in the market. Whereas the Treasuries have budgets limited by parliamentary or congressional vote, the firepower of the central bank is essentially limitless. Money created by central banks only shows up on their balance sheets, not in the debt of the state. Central banks don’t need to raise taxes or find buyers of their debt. This gives them huge power.

And as they say, "follow the money". If you question your coworker's sanity because he talks about the "deep state," you may have to suck it up on this one and apologize. I hate to break it to you, but its happening right before our eyes.

It's also not the first time the elites have attempted to steal the White House .

125 years ago, when an unprecedented amount of money from the infamous "robber barons" of the Gilded Age – the likes of John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan – swung the election of 1896 to Republican William McKinley. It's entirely plausible, even likely, that the steady rise in big money campaign donations, triggered by the 2010 Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision, could lead to the very rich trying to buy elections – including the White House.

Trump is very well-read in History and he knew exactly what he needed to to do; stop the World Bank from bankrupting the United States.

At some point everyone has to pay up. Even with the World Bank controlling the flow of money, many years of "printing" more and more money eventually catches up. The entire system is predicated on the ability of nations to meet their ongoing debt obligations. Just like your credit card, World Bank borrowers have a minimum payment. But what happens if you run out of money to make that payment? Don't worry, the world bank has an app for that. They simply lower rates. Lower interest rates, lower borrowing cost and payments. This is why we have seen worldwide interest rates decline so much. It's not just the US that is flirting with 0% interest. A number of nations have even dipped into negative interest rate territory in recent years.

But even lowering rates can't go on forever. At some point the world will become insolvent. It's not just the United States that is facing a mounting debt that it will never be able to pay back. This is what happens under a world banking system that's predicated on artificial currency. Like any other pyramid scheme at some point it all comes crashing down. You can't keep printing money and lending it out to the same group of countries. At some point the system has to be "reset" or the cards come crashing down.

THIS is why Trump came Down that escalator. "Drain the swamp" Didn't just pop up at a Maga rally. "Drain the swamp" was the plan for many years. Restore the manufacturing economy and create a sustainable, middle-class, job friendly resilient economy. Show the American people exactly how their government and media has been lying to them for years. Show them they lied when they said that manufacturing jobs, factories, and 4% GDP growth we'e never coming back. Trump reduced corporate taxes, eliminated Thousands of unnecessary job killing regulations that forced many companies to flee the US. And even though the main stream media Worked tirelessly to cover it up, The Americans saw exactly what is possible for our country. This is why Trump has consistently said, even facing a global pandemic, the Economy will boom in 2021 will be the "greatest year."

Why would Trump double down on this? Why as recently as December would he say that 2021 be the greatest ever? He just lost the election. He couldn't get any of his court cases through. The Democrats were circling the wagons just looking for a reason to impeach. The pandemic is raging at a fever pitch....

...Or IS it?

We can discuss COVID-19 for hours on end. So I'll leave the details for another time. But COVID-19 is not a global pandemic that we were led to believe.

Those of us who questioned the "virus" from day 1 had legitimate cause for skepticism. If you've asked why, you're not alone. If you're asking why a deadly swine flu in 2009 was barely covered, just take a look at who is in office. That's right. Barack Hussein Obama. The same Barack Hussein Obama that routinely received "unprecedented" media scrutiny with hard-hitting questions like "who do you have in the final four?", as he spends hours on the newly-installed (thanks taxpayers) White House Basketball court.

As the president goes, so the media goes. We barely heard about the swine flu is because the deep state didn't want us to hear about it. The coordinated messaging, big name "virtual" relief concerts and yes, the MASKS. No greater symbol of the Deep State Gaslighting that has imprisoned the American People for the gain of a privileged few.

But that may very well come to a long overdue end in the coming days. Trump has been planning this for decades. And when comes down to The Donald vs The Politicians, I put my money on Trump. I know what the Democrats just cant get through their head - Never bet against Trump. The man just will not lose.

Some food for thought: Why did President Barack Hussein Obama direct $3.9 million dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2015? 🇺🇸


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