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🎥 With Biden Silent, Trump Surprises NYC Police & Firefighters on 9/11 Who Break Out In Cheers

September 11, 2021

President Donald Trump made a surprise trip to visit police officers and firefighters on 9/11, thanking them for their service and lamenting President Joe Biden’s failed leadership in Afghanistan.

The former president spoke about the importance of law and order and honoring the sacrifices made by police departments throughout the city.

“I grew up with you, and you are New York’s finest. You are incredible people,” he said.

Trump also took selfies and photos with police officers inside the precinct and outside the building.

The visit was captured by news cameras and published online.

Inside the precinct, Trump answered questions from some of the police officers.

“You’ve heard so many words, all you hear is words and they become meaningless after a while when you hear some of these politicians talking,” he said.

When asked if he would run for president again, Trump replied that he could not say because of campaign finance rules.

Images Courtesy of @DanScavino



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