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🎥 Wuhan Whistleblower, EcoHealth VP Proves Fauci Ran COVID Gain Of Function Operation [VIDEO]

December 7, 2022

Alex Jones interviewed Dr. Andrew G. Huff of about his inside information that exposed Dr. Anthony Fauci’s gain of function operation & his role in the Covid-19 pandemic:

“[Dr. Huff] is the whistleblower of whistleblowers,” said Alex Jones Tuesday. “So much of the intel we got over the last two-and-a-half years came from him.” “This is the guy who sent the documented reports to the senate committees, this is the guy that got massively harassed for it, and now he is standing tall & fighting harder than ever.”

🎥 Watch this explosive interview & be sure to download the unredacted documents provided by Dr. Huff:

Download ZIP • 896.45MB


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