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YouTube Suspends Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) Ahead of Saturday's Trump Rally

March 22, 2022

Right Side Broadcasting Network’s YouTube channel has been suspended for one week, days before President Trump’s March 26th rally in Commerce, Georgia.

Live coverage of the rally will still be available on Rumble. RSBN said, “We will not allow the voice of President Trump and his supporters to be silenced.”

RSBN released the following statement on their website.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 22, 2022 AUBURN, Ala. — Conveniently timed just days before President Donald Trump’s rally in Georgia, YouTube has issued a strike on RSBN’s channel.

On Tuesday afternoon, we were notified that our abilities to livestream and upload content have been suspended for one week after YouTube deleted two of our videos that allegedly violated their company policies.

The banned videos include President Donald Trump’s interview with RSBN’s own Brian Glenn backstage at the South Carolina rally and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s interview with RSBN at CPAC 2022.

Giving no respect to our First Amendment rights, YouTube claims these videos contain “elections misinformation” and a lack of “sufficient” context, warranting their removal.

Blatant Big Tech censorship will not deter RSBN from continuing to livestream President Trump’s upcoming rally in Commerce, Georgia. We are fully prepared to move ahead with all-day live coverage on Rumble. We will not allow the voice of President Trump and his supporters to be silenced.

Big tech has destroyed our freedom of speech.

Thank God for Rumble!

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