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40 Years Later: Remembering A True American Hero - NJ State Trooper Phillip Lamonaco

Authored by An Anonymous Member of Phil's Close Circle

NJ State Trooper Phillip Lamonaco

On December 21, 1981, NJ State Trooper Phillip Lamonaco was murdered on a routine traffic stop on Route #80. His killers were members of The United Freedom Front — a leftwing terrorist group aligned with The Weather Underground.

Phil was ambushed and a gun battle ensued. He was immediately struck by multiple rounds and answered with returning fire of his own. As the rounds hit Phil, the impact spun him sideways and a 9mm round went between a gap on the side of his protective vest and pierced his heart. Phil’s gun was found on the scene with no bullets in it. He went down swinging (firing) with everything he had left.

Phil was left for dead in the snow on the side of a road four days before Christmas in 1981. He was hours away from enjoying Christmas with his lovely wife, Donna, and his 3 young children (Laura, Mike, and Sarah). It would of been his first Christmas with Sarah…she was just born a few months before his death.

Phil was a proud Marine and experienced many of the challenges when you’re “down range” in Vietnam. In his 10+ years with the NJSP, he was quickly a legend in the department.

Phil’s incredible police work is reflected in his impressive Trooper of The Year award — given to ONE NJ Trooper per year. Phil was admired by many younger Troopers. His proven experience and tactics were a wealth of knowledge — my own father was one of the fortunate men on the receiving end of Phil’s coaching.

My Dad and Phil became close.

Phil Greatly Influenced Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik

Their wives, however, became 10X closer! My mom and Donna Lamonaco have been there for each other for over 45 years. There are too many selfless stories between these two to count. I hope those that are reading this will hear them one day.

My father was one of the six Troopers that carried Phil’s coffin on a frigid Christmas Eve 1981. Over 2000 fellow police officers from multiple States traveled hundreds of miles to pay their respect.

If you do your homework on the United Freedom Front and The Weather Underground (I implore you to use DuckDuckGo vs. Google), you’ll find that some of the WU “former” leaders are now on the Board of Advisors of BLM, within a recent former US president’s inner circle (Bill Ayers), and their warped philosophy spews from an elected group of radicals in DC known as “The Squad”.

*BE SMART — Please do your due diligence and understand the leaders and the genesis of these political groups — who are possibly cradled some of your peers…maybe yourself. Make no mistake, these groups main mission statement is the destruction of this country. Period! The majority of us are blinded by their true intent, since these groups are coddled by most media outlets as being something they’re not. They don’t want CHANGE…they want the DESTRUCTION of our society. If you dig deeper, you’ll find that their scorched earth polices for the U.S. are financially funded by nefarious forces both within and outside this country. Please look for yourself.

I’ve been blessed to have Donna and her family by my side for my entire life. It was inspiring to watch her turn the darkness of Phil’s death into a crusade to provide awareness and support to survivors of slain police officers. Donna’s organization C.O.P.S (Concerns Of Police Survivors) has helped countless widows (and their children) throughout the nation that experienced her same loss.

What an amazing women! In the darkness of the abyss she was in, she somehow found the light to selflessly help others.

TODAY — we remember NJ State Trooper Phillip Lamonaco.

*He was uncommon amongst uncommon men.

TOMORROW — We that honor Phil Lamonaco’s legacy and care about this country, should make a considerable effort to fight back against the very same people that align themselves with his murders’ twisted mantra.

Please guide us Phil and “watch our six” from above.

Our heroes in blue need it now, more than ever.



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