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🟨 From Washington to Trump: The Notion of a Civilian/Military Partnership is Nothing New

November 17, 2022

Updated December 27, 2022

Such interesting times that we live in. In a very short period of time, we have become a dystopian society where truth only exists inside the confines of a flat screen TV. By design, the masses have lost all perspective on reality, truth and history. Sadly, that's only possible because they don't even realize what they have lost.

Enter the Q operation. The "crazies", the "wing nuts", the "far right" conspiracy theorists. The singular movement that will cause its members to be judged, ostracized and possibly committed, even by those who are closest to them.

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The government programmed mass psychosis has become so prevalent and so far-reaching that no amount of proof will convince the average person to even consider the possibility that "QAnon" has any legitimacy. It matters not how many things the movement has gotten right. The propaganda has simply been too pervasive and too intense. The "frog in the pot" has been boiling for decades to set us up for the times in which we currently live.

A decade ago, in my younger years I would scoff at the mere mention of "those who don't understand history are doomed to repeat it."

Man, did I learning the truth of that quote the hard way. I believe most Americans are beginning to see the same thing as we advance through this journey that we call The Great Awakening.

A major part of our awakening is learning the history that most of us were never taught. As we grapple with the cognitive dissonance that comes with the realization that most of what we believe is a lie, we can find a great deal of perspective and grounding in our lost history.

A piece of history that may help the public to understand the significance of Q can be found in the biography our nations original father, George Washington. The original Commander in Chief enlisted a network of citizen volunteers to function as spies, message couriers, decoders and covert operators during the peak of the Revolutionary War. At a time when just 3% of Americans actively participated in the War effort, these great Americans were very much chastised, isolated and denounced by their closest friends and family, many of which were still British "Loyalists" at the time.

Imagine being one of Washington's spies without Truth Social, Rumble or Telegram to connect with your fellow "insurrectionists." And we think WE have it bad? Talk about loneliness.

So why do I bring up a partnership between the Military and Civilians that took place over 200 years ago? Because perspective is everything and history helps establish our perspective.

The fact is, despite our lack of historical perspective, Civilian-Military partnerships have existed for centuries. Every military in every conflict across the earth has enlisted the help of the public. And many such operations have never been recorded or highlighted on the news. From spies in the revolutionary war to private security in Iraq & Afghanistan and yes, to the Anons in the current Digital-Psychological 5th Generation war, the civilian partnerships with the Military have always existed. I will explain in more detail, the purpose of the civilian operators in the current global conflict. For the purposes of this commentary, I will conclude with a synopsis of George Washington's "Culper Spy Ring," written by The National Library For the Study of George Washington at Mt Vernon. Back then, the civilians helped the military with communications within the ranks. Over the past 5 years, the "Digital Army" of Anons of the Q movement have helped the Military with communications to the public, circumventing the largest global network of state-sponsored propaganda in human history. After reading about the Culper Ring, my previous statement becomes a lot more plausible.....enjoy:

"Washington's Spies" - The Culper Spy Ring Washington Library, Center for Digital History

Benjamin Tallmadge oversaw the Culper Spy Ring operating out of New York

The Culper Spy Ring was an American spy network operating during the War of American Independence that provided George Washington with information on British troop movements. In November 1778, George Washington appointed Major Benjamin Tallmadge as director of military intelligence, charged with creating a spy ring in New York City, the site of British headquarters.

This network became known as the Culper Spy Ring and operated successfully in and around New York City for five years, during which time no spy was ever unmasked. Indeed even Washington was ignorant of the spies' identities. Tallmadge's informants consisted of friends he made at school on Long Island, including Austin Roe, Caleb Brewster, Abraham Woodhull, and Anna Strong.

Though Woodhull was Tallmadge's chief agent, Robert Townsend was an important informant who posed as a Loyalist coffee-shop owner and merchant while working as a society journalist. As a reporter Townsend was able to obtain information from the British at society gatherings.

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In order to safeguard the identity of his spies, Tallmadge utilized a number of protective measures. Tallmadge gave his informants pseudonyms and invented a numerical substitution system to identify his informants rather than use names. Seven hundred and sixty-three numbers were used, with 711 denoting General Washington, 745 representing England, and 727 for New York. Tallmadge and his associates also wrote in invisible ink.

The spy ring established a sophisticated method of conveying information to Washington, who was based at New Windsor in New York. As a result, all information sent to Washington had to be transported through British-held territory. Austin Roe rode from Setauket, Long Island to New York City, where he entered Townsend's establishment. There Roe placed an order from Tallmadge who signed under his code name John Bolton.

Contained in this message were prearranged code words from Washington to Tallmadge to which Tallmadge responded in code. The messages were then hidden in goods that Roe took back to Setauket and hid on a farm belonging to Abraham Woodhull who would later retrieve the messages. Anna Strong, who owned a farm near to Woodhull's barn, would then hang a black petticoat on her clothesline that Caleb Brewster could see in order to signal him to retrieve the documents. Strong indicated which cove Brewster should land at by hanging up handkerchiefs to designate the specific cove. Brewster would then deliver the messages to Tallmadge.

The spy ring played an important role in the Revolutionary War. For instance, in 1780 the group learned that the British under the command of General Henry Clinton were about to launch an expedition in Rhode Island.

Tallmadge contacted Washington who immediately ordered his army into an offensive position causing Clinton to cancel the attack. The group was also responsible for the apprehension of the British spy Major John André.

Victoria Williams, Ph.D.


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