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A Nuclear Response to China's Biological Warfare?

Even if we assume that the virus escaped Wuhan lab unintentionally, aren't the outcomes too good for China's interest?

China is responsible for inflicting the virus on the west to bring down its economy & the leader of the free world. The corrupt corporate media is trying hard to protect the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and hide that the People's Liberation Army controlled biological weapons lab in Wuhan humanly developed the virus.

China has used a weapon of mass destruction (it can be either nuclear, biological or chemical) against the United States of America, which merits a nuclear response.

Chinese state-owned media and CCP mouthpiece, Global Times recently said,

“Facing a serious strategic threat from the US, China was urged to increase the number of nuclear weapons, especially its sea-based nuclear deterrent of intercontinental submarine-launched ballistic missiles, to deter potential military action by US warmongers, Chinese military experts said on Friday, after reports that the US’ new defense budget will modernize its nuclear arsenal to deter China.”

What else did Global Times suggest?



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