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🚨Amazon Caught Leaking Confidential Doc To BuzzFeed

It was only a matter time before Amazon joined the unprecedented attack on free speech and the 75 Million Americans voted for President Donald J Trump. LOL that statement alone is scary, what’s even more frightening is the fact that so many people don’t even know this is happening.

The Dan Bongino Show
Does BuzzFeed have a time machine?? Or did Amazon decide to get a jump on the propaganda?

With Parler gone from the App Store and simultaneously removed from the Internet altogether (thanks to Amazon Web services), 90 million Americans have been silenced. Overnight. A thriving business, its owners, and its employees...all silenced. Their business....silenced. The most downloaded app in the world, silenced. Eliminated from existence because the big tech media Cartel has decided that anyone who voted for President Donald J Trump no longer has a voice in this country. Read this paragraph again to yourself. Then put your phone down, come back five minutes later and read it a third time. It’s my hope that by the third time you’ll be angry enough to take some action.

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