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🎥 America's in A Mental Health Crisis & Big Pharma May Be A Cause: Tucker Carlson 5-25-22

May 25, 2022

Tucker takes a LONG OVERDUE look at the very tangible mental health crisis affecting a large portion of Americans.

Yes, turmoil of the last 2 years has been a major factory. But what’s really at the heart of the issue? It’s far from a new phenomenon and once again, the same institutions exposed by COVID, big pharma and the medical community may be to blame. Since the 90’s, the prescription rate of SSRI Chemical Antidepressants has increased by over 3000%. Yes. THREE THOUSAND PERCENT. At present, over 40 MILLION American adults are taking these potentially mind altering drugs. The same drugs prescribed for depression openly warn that increased risk of SUICIDE is a known side effect. Many have been questioning the staggering use of these largely unproven drugs. But has it gone mainstream? Of course not. Because we now know that big pharma accounts for over 70% of cable advertising dollars. And of course , we know they control the hospitals, doctors, CDC and FDA. So after the COVID debacle and with a correlation between these prescriptions and increased violence in recent decades, isn’t it time we started asking more questions? Credit: Fox News


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