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Americans Have Surrendered Their Freedom For Safety From COVID-19

Americans gave up their freedom in return for safety which never came. But a wind of ridiculous mandates and decrees kept coming forth now and then. Several studies report that lockdowns couldn’t stop the spread of the virus. Furthermore, according to TFTP, an MIT scientist reported the economic impact of lockdowns which signalled towards unemployment while not at all reducing death numbers.

A Harvard study also reiterated the same facts that the policies couldn’t save lives but only decimated the economy. And as John Locke stated in A Letter Concerning Toleration, “it is one thing to persuade, another to command; one thing to press with arguments, another with penalties. This the civil power alone has a right to do; to the other good-will is authority enough.”

Hence, good ideas do not require force.

Earlier when Americans compromised their freedom, America witnessed the rise of a massive surveillance state that we see today.


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