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Analysis: Trump Knew The Great Awakening Was Coming - Timing is Everything

June 2, 2021

It's beyond cliche at this point to say that we are living in unprecedented times. We are past that point. Americans and much of the developed world are all living in a divided world where some of the people have found truth and some struggle to find a trustworthy source. After 6 months of the CGI Joe Biden regime, one universal truth seems to have emerged - something just isn't right.

Our stance remains the same. We have long stated that we believe the Military is really running the country and Donald Trump remains the duly-elected Constitutional President. The insanity we see in the news today combined with the endless anomalies, errors, oddities and statistical impossibilities are all part of a larger operation to awaken the world to the corruption and evil that controls our mainstream institutions.

The X22 Report Podcast summed up the situation perfectly during their July 2nd broadcast:

General Flynn put out a message for Independence Day and he said the following:

"Our nation faces a test of faith, faith in God, faith in ourselves faith in each other, faith in our families and our friends and faith that our Constitution and the Judeo Christian values and principles that got us here will stand that this test of time and adversity. Our founders envisioned this time of immense challenge and warned us about the rise of tyranny against our desire for freedom. During this test reflect back on the most important component of your life. For me, it is my children and grandchildren. And never forget the one thing more important than freedom is faith and God, focus on that, this Independence Day should be on the positive things in our lives and how we as a nation will rise above the dark shadows of evil, and once again discover the light. God bless America."

Yes. And remember, Trump and the Patriots - they have trapped the Deep State. They allowed them to cheat in this election. They captured every single thing that they have done. The people are waking up in droves. The people can see very very clearly now. They understand who the enemy is, they understand that something's wrong and something's not right and something has to change. But Trump, he's not finished. Remember, he's patient. He understands how to play the game - this is irregular warfare.

We are not going straight at the enemy. We're using their tactics against them, allowing them to expose who they really are, allowing them to destroy themselves in the process. And remember; Trump - he's patient. He knows that it has to come from the people and the optics are very important - it couldn't - it can't look like it's him, because they'll go crazy over it and they'll say he's a sore loser and that he is the one who cheated. It has to come from [we] the people. And Trump knows this.

Let's go back to Trump's [book] The Art of The Deal. There's a small little paragraph here, and it explains how he feels about someone who stole from him. He says:

"My philosophy has always been that if you ever catch someone stealing. You have to go after him very hard, even if it costs you 10 times more than he stole stealing is the worst."

Did they STEAL the election from him? Yes. Is he going after them all 10 times harder? Yes.

But remember it's not going to be direct, straight on. It's going to come from we the people, and he's going to use we the people, and he's going to ride this wave. And he's going to push it. And the people are going to push it, and it's going to spread from state to state, to state.

The fake news? They're not going to know what to do with it. The deep state? They're going to go crazy over this. Panic is what they're feeling right now, because it has to do with We the People. Well, they can't control that. Especially when the people have woken up, and the country - they are now awake.

The people understand. The people realize that there was something wrong with the elections. And as time goes on, more evidence comes out more and more people are waking up to this fact. And as more and more people wake up to this fact, it gets worse and worse for the deep state. People see the crime in all the different cities. People see the border crisis. People see it all now.

Yes, they walk through the darkness, they're still walking through the darkness. They're feeling it, but as they feel it as they experience it, they're waking up. Yes, you might have been awake for a very long time, but the rest of the country needs to catch up, and the country is catching up. Yes, you're gonna have a small percentage that will never be able to wake up until maybe the very very end when they look back and go, Wow, I didn't even see that. But the majority of the people, they already know. Trump, the Patriots are just waiting for the right moment. And once the right moment comes, they're going to spring the trap, and the deep state, they're going to have no place to hide.

Source: The X22 Report

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