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🟨 At The Precipice: Preparing For The Scare Event

February 23, 2023

By Maryann Chambers on Telegram

Patriots and Frog Family

Scare events seem to be on the agenda in our immediate horizon.  We are watching the saber rattling threat of WW3…we are watching all kinds of “accidents”…planes, trains, environmental hazards, etc.   Why are these scare events necessary?  These scare tactics or fear messages are intended to make people think about the worst-case scenario that can follow from a perceived problematic behavior…in our case, the unawakened, brainwashed folks. 

Scare tactics attempt to scare this audience into behaving a certain way. These methods often use violent or shocking images to get the attention of the targeted audience.

Researchers have found that a person’s responses to a fear message do not stay static. These fear ads or shock messages are undoubtedly effective at gaining immediate attention, but after many views, they stop working because new attitudes and ideas have been formed. 

That is how we awakened the brainwashed!!!  Scare tactics can create some unintended consequences. Research shows that they can create mistrust in members of the audience.  (Ya think!!!).  Scare tactics can also create emotional tension in the viewer, and a defensive attitude of, “That would never happen to me.” This type of manipulation is more likely to happen when the public doesn't understand an issue or is unlikely to be able to overcome the fear created by the manipulators.

So are scare tactics/fear mongering truly necessary in our mission?  For some it is the only way to awaken to see the truth…to break through their deep brainwashing.   For those awake, we already are aware the reasons behind these scare tactics.  Are we happy that these scare tactics are being done???  Hell no!!!  But we do have to acknowledge that for some the only way to get through to them is to use fear mongering tactics…although we also acknowledge that there will always be those that will never get it…that prefer to cling to their comfort and live in their preferred illusion.

So how are we supposed to deal with these incoming “scare events”?  We simply understand the who, what, how and why of them.  We know that it is essential to waking up the remaining that are asleep.  Is that fair to us that are already awake?  Once again I say “Hell no!!!”  But it seems to be the only way.  We were told that we would be taken to the precipice.  What exactly does that mean???  Well the definition of precipice is a dangerous situation that could lead to harm or failure…a hazardous situation.   Why the heck would that be necessary?  Well comon we all can admit that sometimes we need to be shown…to feel…instead of being told so that we learn from our past misdirections and history. So in this case, yes the scare tactics appear to be essential to “scare the heck” out of those that are so brainwashed and embedded as slave-like “followers”.   It is a last ditch offensive or effort to allow the brainwashed to remove their shackles and finally see the light…the truth.   With that all being said, WE already know that there is nothing to fear.  We know that fear comes from Satan and NOT God.

We have done our own research and know that we are approaching the finish line and a whole new future.  A quantum future.  We have been learning to embrace that future and know that although it is unfair to the awakened, we must put up with the scare events.  We already know there will be no WW3…we already know that this war was already won. We learned that this was a biblical war…a spiritual battle between good and evil.  Between God and Satan.  Are we happy having to watch this soap opera or movie play out?  A big resounding NO comes to mind!  We are ready.  We are prepared.  We are alert.  We await the climatic and explosive ending to it all….but we hang on knowing that we must…that there is no quitting at this point.  We know.  We know.  We all look forward to getting to the other side. We are already dreaming of our new adventures.  For me personally, I will continue to dream about going on fishing trips with very special friends.

We cling to how we see our new future so we put up with the scare tactics being used.  We do so because we know THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR!!!  We are the awakened.  We are the Light that has defeated darkness.  We are here, frogs!   We are here!   We will get thru it all because we are F.R.O.G.s and FULLY RELIANT ON GOD.  We have nothing to fear!   NOTHING!   Love and brightest of light to all.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 2/23/23

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