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🎥 Bannon: “What They Did in October 2020 Was Treason…We Told You Biden Was Illegitimate."

March 20, 2022

“What They Did in October 2020 Was Treason…We Told You Biden Was Illegitimate and the World Knows It” – Steve Bannon on Xi, Putin and Iran Having Their Way with Biden

Bannon shared on the War Room on Saturday his thoughts on the world as we know it today. He says:

This is a world of gangsters. The mullahs in Iran have captured an ancient civilization, Persia. They’re gangsters. Putin… it’s a nation in demographic decline. They don’t produce anything but raw materials for the West and they’re run by the KGB and the military. These are bad hombres. These are gangsters. Ok? Erdogan, another gangster in Turkey. The Pakistani guys, essentially gangsters.

Bannon goes on to discuss the Gulf Emirates not taking Biden’s call and Xi knowing this. Then he adds this.

There are decades in which nothing happens and there are weeks and months in which decades happen. Decades are happening right now. Zelensky confirmed it. He’s telling the Russians, if you don’t do it many generations of yours are going to be affected. Well hey, brother, many generations of your country, Ukraine, are being affected and your buddies in the EU and NATO cut you loose.

Bannon then goes on to talk about the mass migration at the US Southern Border. He then leads to the Hunter Biden laptop.

What they did in October of 2020 was treason. They knew it was real informaiton. They knew Murdoch’s New York Post checked it out and did the due diligence and they lied about it. They lied about it. They lied about it to bring aid and comfort to our enemies, to bring aid and comfort to our enemies. Would any of this happen if Donald J. Trump was our President? We told you Biden’s illigetimate and the world knows it.



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