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🟨 Behind The Narrative: "250 Years of American Independence" Foreshadows Trump's Return Before '24

June 1, 2023

Earlier today President Donald Trump shared his ambitious "campaign" promise, a grand celebration to mark the 250th year of America’s independence in 2026. Emphasizing the significance of this milestone, Trump stated, “Three years from now, the United States will celebrate the biggest and most important milestone in our country’s history. 250 years of American independence… We should be preparing for a most spectacular birthday party. We want to make it the best of all time.” Trump pledged that the celebration would commence in May of 2025 and last for a year. The centerpiece will be a “GREAT AMERICAN STATE FAIR” at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

As usual, beneath the surface of this announcement, the critical thinker will see that this "campaign promise" has already completed the planning stage and is well in motion. 🎥 WATCH and continue reading below 👇

👆 Time to do some critical thinking:

👉 Trump just told you that he’s planning a year-long “GREAT AMERICAN STATE FAIR” beginning in May of 2025

👉 The fair would have pavilions from all 50 states and facilities for Major High School Sports competitions. Similar in scale and scope to the world’s fairs.

👉 So, if you believe Trump isn’t coming back until the 2024 election, then you believe that he can plan, design, source materials and construct a 50 state worlds fair in 4 months. (Jan 20, 2025 to opening on Memorial Day 2025)

As a developer/builder I ask you, Is this logistically possible?


👉 Conservatively, this is a project that would require a year of planning and design work and 18+ months of construction to be completed by May of 2025. A total of 30 months start to finish.

👉 That means for Trump to not break this promise, the planning WAS ALREADY STARTED in NOVEMBER OF 2022 > that is 30 months before 5/2025

👉 The construction would have to start in November of 2023, that is 18 months before 5/2025

The point is, Trump’s announcing this because it’s already a done deal. And the only way it’s possible is if he is in control and will be publicly returning long before Jan 20, 2025!

When you apply logic, Think critically and don’t let your emotions dictate your truth, this entire “movie” becomes a lot more palatable.

You are watching a movie. Trump and the patriots have this. Hold the line. Amazing things are coming.



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