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🎥 Bill Cooper: How The Elite Keep The People "Sheepled" - He Knew 30 Years Ago

When authorities killed William Cooper in a burst of gunfire outside his hilltop home in eastern Arizona, he was an author and radio host who had attracted a rabid following among the so-called "conspiracy theorists" of the time. Ironically, most of what he said over 20 years ago has since come to fruition in recent years. His book, “Behold a Pale Horse,” and nightly shortwave radio show lifted the veil on how the world actually works.

Through his very questionable death in 2001, Cooper’s legacy was cemented. He was seen as a sage and legend. His book would become a defining text for conspiracy-minded people. What might have otherwise been seen as an amateurish hodgepodge of ideas earned gravitas once its author was gunned down and became truth as the globalist plans of the last decade have unfolded.

Though the official story had Cooper killed as deputies tried to arrest him on a local criminal charge, it is well known that the Globalist elites, needed him silenced.

Nearly 30 years after its publication, “Behold a Pale Horse” remains a bestseller, finding new audiences for whom Cooper’s warnings — of a cashless society, a socialist order that devalues work, the confiscation of weapons, global leadership usurping the sovereignty of the United States — still resonate.


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