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🎥 Bizarre Musk Tweets More Proof of Who's Really in Control

June 22, 2022

File this under the "That Q stuff is just conspiracy theory" section. You've heard us occasionally make reference to "crazy" notions like, "you're watching a movie," and the "white hats are in control."

If you're confused, then you probably really think we're nuts. Fair enough. Either way - explain this one to us. Elon musk knew the exact price at which Tesla shares would close yesterday?

🎥 Watch this 2 minute explanation - you decide the rest:

Interesting Comms today from Elon Musk

He tweets 7.11 7.11

4 hours later Telsa closes at 7.11.11

The share price was up 9.35 = 17 (=Q)

He deleted the Comms tweet

The 11.11 Q’s

Talk about a Mid Term “Red Wave”

What did Elon tweet 6/15/22

After voting the first time Rep

“Red Wave”


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