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Boycott WWE: Actor John Cena Apologizes on Social Media in Chinese for Calling Taiwan a "Country"

In a 68-second clip posted on Twitter, WWE Actor John Cena apologises for calling Taiwan a “country”. He issued an apology to China and its citizens;

"I made one mistake, I must say right now, very important, I love and respect Chinese people," he says, in Chinese. "I am very sorry for my mistake. I am so sorry, I apologise."

The incident came to light when John Cena referred to Taiwan, a self-ruled democratic island, as a nation, in a promotional interview for his upcoming movie, Fast and Furious 9. He said, in Mandarin, that he is sorry for his “mistake” and “loves and respects China and Chinese people.”

His interview drew ire from China because it doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a country and claims it as its own territory.


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