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🎥 Blackrock & Vanguard: The TWO Companies That Control The World

May 15, 2022

These two investment behemoths literally own controlling interest in most of the world's largest companies. Everywhere. This is critical knowledge to understand how such a small Cabal has been able to manipulate so many aspects of our lives.

How did everything in the world get so completely out of control in such a short period of time? It feels like we're living inside of a James Bond movie, where the world's "evil overlords" sit in a dark room and conspire to control the world. Well, truth is stranger than fiction....

What if I told you that nearly everything you own, all the information you see, read and hear and all of the food, drink and medicine you consume is controlled by just two companies? What if I said just two firms can literally manipulate almost any institution on Earth? Sounds impossible? Remember the names BLACKROCK & VANGUARD. After this video, you won't ever forget them. This will Change Everything You Know...

SOURCE: Anonymous Official on YouTube

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