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Court Documents Reveal CNN & NBC Paid $70K To Rioter for Footage of Fatal Capitol Shooting

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The Dan Bongino Show

Posted: February 18, 2021

Updated February 21, 2021

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Liberal activist John Sullivan, who is facing criminal charges for participating in the Capitol Hill riots, was paid by various liberal news organizations for the footage of Ashli Babbit being shot. According to court papers reported on by the New York Post, both CNN and MSNBC paid him $35,000. A company called Left/Right productions also paid him $5,000 and Australia’s ABC paid him $2,500 according to those court papers. The liberal activist also appeared on air with Anderson Cooper.

Sullivan founded the woke group Insurgence USA and as you can see, he definitely sounds like someone with bad intentions.

According to prosecutors, Sullivan allegedly said similar things while he was in the Capitol Building.

“We accomplished this sh*t. We did this together. F*ck yeah! We are all a part of this history,” he said in a video cited by prosecutors. “Let’s burn this sh*t down,” he also allegedly said.

It sure is interesting that at the same time the liberal media has been portraying the Capitol Hill rioters as irredeemably evil monsters bent on insurrection, they actually paid large amounts of money to a liberal who was there and sounded as if he wanted to participate in an insurrection. It’s funny how it always seems to work that way, isn’t it? What do you think the chances are MCNBC would have given $35,000 to a Proud Boy or Oathkeeper who happened to have shot that footage? Zero, right? But, they were happy to pad this guy’s bank account, which gives you an idea of what the reaction would have been if these had been ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter protesters doing the same thing they’ve been doing all summer except at the Capitol Building. The same people screaming “insurrection” would be cheerleading and calling them heroes. What a disgrace.



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