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🎥 The Only J6 “Security Footage” Needed: How Hollywood & Homeland Security Staged Jan 6th

Originally Posted February 10, 2021

You're watching a movie.

In the months since the Jan 6th Capitol Hill protest, we have seen the death count change from 5 to 1. We have seen the Mockingbird Media create a false narrative that a Capitol Hill Officer was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher - when in fact he died of a separate stroke - 2 days later. We still don't know why his body was cremated 24 hours later - and neither does his family.

Now, a new short-form documentary shows what seems to be a marriage of Hollywood & Washington tricks used to create a "angry, violent, Trump supporter crowd" that never existed. Most striking is the footage they have obtained from inside the Capitol where an unarmed Ashli Babbitt was supposedly shot by a still unnamed Capitol Police Officer.


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24 nov 2023

You actually tout yourself as a purveyor of Truth?? You’re a disgrace, and more, an enemy of the cherished Democracy that’s holding our ever so fragile & threatened Republic Together right now—You are an enemy of Factual Truth. And don’t harp to me about “the Narrative.” Fuck the “narrative.” You’re a clear & present danger to THE TRUTH….

Me gusta

Roger McFarland
Roger McFarland
19 nov 2023

You and FCB woke me up to seeing this truly is a movie on Pulse, great work Gentlemen. I am very thankful as that took my stress away and happiness in my heart. Thank's Roger Mc.

Me gusta
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